Exhibitions and Events

Let’s Talk About Your Next Event

Our promotional activity is vast, covering many different projects such as exhibition stands, PR events, and new product launches.

We work with many different-sized businesses, that are all looking for innovative ways to promote and elevate their brands to their target audience.

The only thing that matters to us, is to ensure all of your objectives are met, and you achieve the results you want from the project.

Custom Built Exhibition Stands

The space itself is typically quite costly so it’s important to make the most of what you have available including the floor and, in some cases, the ceiling.

Eye-catching graphics, animation, lighting and for some companies even aromas can be incorporated into the design if it’s relevant to your audience. We’re always looking for innovative designs that will support your objectives.

Whatever you need we’ll manage it all, to provide you with a high-quality finish, in line with your budget and delivered on time.

All of the manufacturing is undertaken in our own workshops and because most projects are so individual, they automatically become bespoke. However, because we can build your designs in a modular format, we can often re-purpose these over multiple projects, saving you time, money and ultimately increasing your profits.

PR events are usually 1-2 days, often taking place in unique and interesting locations. We can create designs to adapt and integrate these spaces, converting them into incredible branded wonderlands, where the press feel they are part of the brand itself!

We have converted spaces into mini training rooms for training and educational development programmes, to support the environment that consultants learn in, allowing them to immerse themselves in the whole experience to really understand the brand.

We can help design concepts and visual elements for new products or to support the rejuvenation of existing brands.

All of these displays and events are supported by our project managers, who understand your brand identity and what your customers want to see. It is this experience that makes us experts in this field.

Why not get in contact for a discussion to see how we could support your next project?